how to calculate air conditioner size

How To Calculate Air Conditioner Size For Your Room

AC (Air Conditioner) has been widely used everywhere not only in offices or other public places but also in residential homes especially those located in hot area. By installing an AC at home, the room will feel comfortable and cool. However, for most people, AC is still considered as an expensive home appliance. Moreover, they have to deal with the electricity bill. That is why many people often look for low priced AC. One of the ways to reduce the electricity bill is to buy the right AC so that it can work effectively. There are some tips to buy a cheap quality AC.First make sure you buy only what you need. The AC capacity is determined by the amount of PK (Paard Kracht). The PK will produce BTU (British thermal unit). The more PK the AC has, it will make the room cooler. In order to know the AC capacity needed by your room, you should measure the room. The formula is: the length x the width of the room x 500 (in meter). The result of the measurement means the BTU needed by the room. As illustration, 1 PK can produce 9000 BTU/hour. For example, a room which length is 5 meter and width 4 meter, the measurement is 5m x 4m x 500 =10.000m2. It means you should choose an AC with more than 1 PK (1 PK can only produce 9000 BTU/hour). A PK conversion table can help you to match the BTU and the PK needed.

After you determine the capacity, you can start looking for cheap AC at electronic stores. Make sure you go to stores that sell many products so that you can compare their prices and get the best deal. Before you buy, pay attention to the warranty of the product. It is also better to ask for second opinion from your friend especially if he or she knows a lot of about AC. Don’t forget to check the AC before you bring it home. At the store, don’t be reluctant to ask questions to the sales assistants. They will give you some information about the product.

Although the price is cheap, it does not mean that your cheap AC lacks quality. As long as you use it wisely and maintain it well, the AC can work well too. You should also optimize the work of the AC. It can be done in several ways such as installing the AC in the proper place and closing the doors or windows in AC-room. Moreover regular maintenance should be done to keep the quality of the AC.

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